You know the neighbor down the street who looks a little like a rodent? What if he’s part gerbil? Or that beaky store clerk? She could be one-fifth cockatoo. Just suppose that half-humans/half-animals have lived incognito for centuries, blending in seamlessly. And suppose you are the only person on earth able to see through their ruse.

Thirteen-year-old Will Tuttle lives a boring, friendless life trapped in a sterile bubble, suffering from mysterious allergies no doctor can explain. But everything’s about to change as he learns his countless allergies have a single, bizarre source—enchants, a society of half-humans that have lived among mankind for generations. Their existence is history’s best-kept secret. Enchants have become far too clever at keeping their tails, scales, claws and feathers hidden from everyone, everyone but Will.

The ability to see enchants makes Will a target. Soon a misfit team of half-human bodyguards is sent in to keep him alive. Their assignment: to help Will overcome his fears and blend into a society that isn’t supposed to exist. But when Will stumbles upon a sinister plot that threatens to destroy enchants everywhere, blending in becomes the least of his worries.

Faced with wolf-man attacks, deadly stampedes and carnivorous enchants with a taste for thirteen-year-olds, Will scrambles to discover who’s forcing enchants to lose their humanity. Can Will find the culprit in time? Or will he have to sacrifice himself to save his new found friends from becoming slaves to their own instincts?


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